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Announcing react-native-spotlight-tour, a React Native library to create tour features

Announcing the release for this React Native library, that helps mobile users get onboarded to an application

As a company, we live and breathe open source, and we love to contribute to the community through the maintenance of existing libraries or the creation of new ones. This is why on behalf of the team at Stack Builders, I'm excited to announce the release of react-native-spotlight-tour, a simple and intuitive library for React Native that supports Android and iOS. It allows you to implement highly customizable tour features with an awesome spotlight effect.

Unlike other available libraries, react-native-spotlight-tour handles animations at the native level to guarantee high performance. Moreover, it's built with and fully supports TypeScript (yet still enables developers to code in pure JavaScript), so you can write your own type-safe React components. At Stack Builders, we also embrace type safety in front-end applications to improve maintainability while decreasing errors that are found by end-users.

You might want to use this library to guide your users on how to use your mobile application or to build an interactive onboarding to your application. We already used it to build the stunning onboarding tour of Amira, a powerful mobile app for parenting support.

Do you like it? Give it a try!

Getting started

To use react-native-spotlight-tour, please go through the guidelines. You can also take a look at our minimalistic example to start testing the library.


Thanks to Carolina Lopez, Karla Quistanchala, Steven Cuasqui, Angela Rojas, and Christian Marca for your PRs and valuable comments!


Check out the repository and let us know what you think. We look forward to feedback and contributions from the community. Don't hesitate to open a GitHub issue or PR if you have thoughts on how we could make this library better. We’re always open for contributions, and would love to see this library grow with your help!

Published on: May. 14, 2021

Written by:

José Luis León

José Luis León

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