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We push the boundaries to change the software industry. Through better tools, innovative languages and a proactive staff, we deliver quality custom software quickly to our clients.

Stack Builders is an international software consultancy with offices in New York and Quito, Ecuador. We collaborate with our clients to turn ideas into valuable applications. Our cohesive, international development team works directly with you to build applications that fit your timeline and budget, whether it be on-site or remote development work.

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Each project is unique and needs to be flexible to respond to those using the platform. We use an Agile approach to software development to provide transparency, flexibility and quality.

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Photo of Lori LeitgebPhoto of Lori Leitgeb

Lori Leitgeb


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Justin Leitgeb


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Cristina Sandoval

Office Manager

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Cynthia Ortíz

Business Development

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Hector Garcia

Project Manager

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Luis Diaz

General Services

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Sebastián Estrella


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Juan Pedro Villa


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Sadjow Leão


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Hector Ortega


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José Oliveros


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Juan Carlos Paucar


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Cristhian Motoche


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Fernanda Andrade


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Lissette Ponguillo


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Luis Fernando Alvarez


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Ilgam Gaysin


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Samuel Mendes


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Diego Balseiro


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