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Reliable, scalable, and custom software solutions

Discover how our functional programming expertise can help you overcome software challenges, scale your projects, and achieve remarkable growth.

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Why work with us

Your business first

Your business growth is our first priority. Our team gets involved from day one, and we make sure you get the right tools for your project.

Functional programming

Functional and type-safe languages are our specialty. We ensure your software is robust, scalable and secure.

Test driven development

Functional and type-safe languages are our specialty. We ensure your software is robust, scalable and secure.

Agile methodology

All of our projects rely on agile methodologies. You will see steady progress and have constant insights on where your product is heading to.

Top-tier talent

Our thorough hiring process ensures your project receives an ideal team, excelling technically while crafting outstanding customer experiences.

Community oriented

Our team has deep connections with the industry, and helps it move forward through international talks and open source contributions.

A growing list of programming languages

We have successfully delivered solutions in a wide range of programming languages. Our range of knowledge and expertise has driven meaningful change and built technology solutions that consistently meet project requirements.

Powerful functional programming language that excels in develop robust and reliable software. It enables to create efficient applications.


Created to develop dynamic and feature-rich web applications. It allows us to write clean and concise code, reducing the likelihood of errors.


The best combination of object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. Scala is preferred for coding high-performance software.


A powerful front-end library that creates interactive and responsive user interfaces. With React, we develop modern web applications.


Its ease of use, delivers efficient, readable, and maintainable software across various domains, from web development to data analysis.


It allows to create scalable web applications with improved code quality and large-scale projects.


A cutting-edge infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tool that enables the management of cloud resources efficiently.


It empowers to create reproducible and isolated development environments. With Nix, we ensure smooth and consistent software deployments.