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Lori Leitgeb

Stack Builders is now Great Place to Work® certified!

We’re Great Place to Work® Certified!

It’s not the code we write but rather the people behind the code and insights that make us a strong software consultancy. At Stack Builders we place people at the center of everything we do and it shows. We are proud to announce that Stack Builders Ecuador is now Great Place to Work® certified!

Even through challenging times, we’ve maintained a positive and innovative company while still growing, building our relationships, and intentionally cultivating a culture of candid communication, continuous improvement, teamwork and trust. Great Place to Work® defines trust as one of the most important values to have to enable a great workplace. From onboardings to team meetings, trainings and celebrations, our team regularly extends a warm welcome and support that builds trust in the company and each other. We believe our work matters to make a change in the industry. We hope to keep providing these safe spaces for people to trust each other, and communicate ideas candidly.

As a company, we are thankful for every one of our team members, and how they help maintain this culture in their daily work. We hope to be able to give new and exciting opportunities to our current team members, and the ones who in the future will be interested in joining us. Congratulations, team! We couldn’t have done this without you!

While we are excited about the results, we are also using the insights the survey provided to continually improve our employee experience and interactions in the future. Want to be part of this amazing culture? Join us and let’s build together!

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