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Jacqueline Guamaní

Stack Builders Community Engagements May 2015

At Stack Builders, we are heavy users of Haskell, which is a statically-typed, purely functional programming language that we believe improves our ability to rapidly deliver high-quality software for our clients. We’d like to see more qualified candidates for our open positions in places that we operate, including Ecuador, so we’re actively engaged with local universities to teach skills that matter to us and the software industry.

We are happy to be offering the following workshops and talks to Computer Science programs at universities in the region of Quito, Ecuador, where we have a growing office:

Thinking Functionally Through Haskell by Justin Leitgeb
Thursday, May 28th
Hemiciclo Politécnico
Escuela Politécnica Nacional (EPN)
11 am

Haskell workshop
Monday, June 1st
Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas (ESPE)
12 pm

Over the last couple of years, we have presented at more than a dozen universities in Ecuador, and we are actively planning talks related to practices intended to increase code quality, and purely-functional, statically-typed languages such as Haskell.

Excited about Stack Builders’ commitment to education and client excellence, and want to see how you can help? See our careers page for open positions.

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