Stack Builders Releases Inflections Library for Haskell

At Stack Builders, we'd like to see Haskell be the language that powers the next generation of dynamic web apps. We open-sourced a library that we wrote for string inflections to help move the language in this direction.

Published: Mar. 4, 2014

I recently wrote about how we'd like to see Haskell power the next generation of dynamic web applications. While I think that Haskell is a better language for programming on the web than Ruby in many ways, there is still a dearth of libraries available for Haskell compared to Ruby (there are 6,145 entries on Hackage as opposed to 71,649 on

While working on, we needed a function to change an arbitrary string into one that is "safe" to display as part of a URL. It turns out that in Rails, this is part of a larger library called "Inflections" which also contains functions for string transformations like "camelize," "underscore" and "dasherize."

We didn't want all Haskell web programmers to have to write something like this themselves, so we packaged up our version of parameterize, along with a few other functions, into a cabal package with the same name as the popular ActiveSupport library.

We hope you find the Haskell inflections library useful! If you find any errors or if you'd like to help by porting your favorite function from Rails' Inflections, please open a pull request.

You can contact Justin at and follow him on Twitter.

Interested in working on exciting client projects while helping to make Haskell a more viable option for creating robust, maintainable applications on the web? Talk to us to see if you would be a good fit for the Stack Builders team!

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