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Announcing semantic-release-hackage, a semantic-release plugin to publish packages in Hackage

Rooted in our commitment to fostering open-source software initiatives, this plugin brings the renowned benefits of semantic release to the Haskell community. We're thrilled to announce the release of semantic-release-hackage, a plugin for effortlessly publishing your libraries to Hackage. Forget about manual release, just create your commits and let the plugin do the rest!

At Stack Builders, we're deeply committed to nurturing open-source software initiatives. In alignment with this philosophy, we have developed the semantic-release-hackage plugin. This plugin empowers you to effortlessly create candidate releases for your Hackage package, harnessing the benefits of semantic release. It serves as a testament to our dedication to advancing and supporting the open-source Haskell community.

Automate your Hackage packages effortlessly.

While semantic-release is a well-known tool in development, it hasn't been implemented for Haskell projects until now. By installing our plugin, creating conventional commits, and letting semantic release do the heavy lifting, you can streamline your release process and unlock a myriad of benefits.

Key Advantages

  • Automated Versioning: Semantic Release automatically determines the version number for your software based on the commit history.
  • Release Notes Generation: The tool generates release notes automatically by analyzing the commit messages.
  • Reduced Human Error: Manual versioning and release note creation can introduce errors or inconsistencies. Automating these processes with Semantic Release reduces the chance of human error and ensures accuracy.

Getting started

To implement semantic-release-hackage, refer to our comprehensive README for instructions on adding the semantic-release and plugin configuration. Additionally, explore our exceptional library, atomic-write, which facilitates writing files atomically in Haskell while preserving permissions. This library already utilizes our plugin, making the release process smoother than ever.


Thanks to José Luis León, Christian Motoche, and Sebastian Estrella for their invaluable contributions through PRs, comments, and guidance.

Special thanks to Alexander Mejía, maintainer of atomic-write, for demonstrating courage and taking a leap of faith into this new release process.

Seeking your Feedback

Explore the repository and share your thoughts with us. We eagerly anticipate feedback and contributions from the community. Whether you have suggestions, comments, or ideas on how to enhance this library, don't hesitate to open a GitHub issue or PR.

We're always open to contributions and excited to see this library flourish with your support!

Published on: Mar. 27, 2024

Written by:


David Villamarin

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