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Justin Leitgeb

We’re Proud to Welcome Michał Papis to the Stack Builders Team!

We’re proud to welcome Michał Papis (GitHub, Twitter) to the Stack Builders team! Michał is the maintainer of rvm, which is a popular open-source project for managing Ruby versions and project dependencies. He is also active in other open-source projects including Ruby Gems. Michał will be helping us with oversight on projects for our clients, and in training junior developers. We’re also happy to be supporting Michał’s development on certain open-source projects that are critical to the Ruby ecosystem.

Stack Builders is an international software consultancy. We use Ruby, as well as statically-typed, purely functional languages such as Haskell in order to deliver high-quality software for our clients. We are committed to contributing back to the community in Ruby, Haskell, and in other languages and frameworks that we depend on, and we’re glad to have Michał on our team to help us to achieve these objectives.

Welcome Michał! We’re happy to have you as a Stack Builder.

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