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Matt Campbell

Stack Builders Presents Hack Well in Haskell

SB is proud to present Quito’s first-ever functional programming hackathon! The language-du-jour will be the advanced, purely-functional Haskell programming language.

We will have two groups during the hackathon so that it’s accessible to programmers of all types:

  1. An “introductory” group which will work together on coding dojo challenges guided by Stack Builders junior developers for those who are new to Haskell; and
  2. An “advanced” group of coders with Haskell experience who will be collaborating to write open-source software for the Haskell community!

Come by yourself, or with a team of friends, and be ready to write some Haskell code. Here are the event details:

  • Date: Saturday, March 29th
  • Time: 10am - 4pm
  • Where: Stack Builders HQ (Av. De los Shyris E9-30 y Bélgica, Shyris Century Building, 7th floor, office 7C)
  • Requirements: Each person should bring a laptop because you’ll be writing code; a group of friends is also recommended because learning & coding together is more fun :)

Beverages (cervezas!) will be provided throughout the day, and we’ll provide pizza for lunch around 1pm.

Any questions, please contact Rodrigo Granizo at

See you March 29th!

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