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It’s Hacktoberfest time!

Stack Builders will take part once again in Hacktoberfest, a wonderful celebration of open-source software organized by Digital Ocean. At last year’s fest, it was amazing to see the level of commitment from the community. We had the chance to meet many passionate people and saw a lot of open pull requests. Let’s repeat that success this year!

In addition to the official event, Stack Builders will be pitching in with some rewards for people who contribute. We’ll launch weekly challenges in October and hand out gift cards at the beginning of November to those who get the highest score from making top-value contributions to any open-source repository on GitHub or GitLab.

The scoring system

  • Open an issue: 1 pt
  • Open a Pull Request: 2 pts
  • Get your Pull Request merged: 5 pts
  • Complete all challenges: 8 pts

Remember that every contribution counts! As soon as you open an issue, a PR, or get your PR merged, fill out this Google Form to collect points. Across this month we’ll be presenting you with our own Stacking Challenges, which will allow you to earn more points, so stay tuned to our social networks!

Why contribute to an open-source project?

  • Your contribution will impact millions of people globally.
  • You will expand your knowledge and improve your coding skills.
  • You will increase your community interaction and start building a network.
  • You will gain experience applicable to great job opportunities.

Regardless of the reasons that led you to give back to the community, just know that your contribution is greatly appreciated! We invite you to join us and enjoy Hacktoberfest to the fullest.

Follow us on social media for more details about the challenges!

If you have any questions or if you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to us at

Happy Hacktoberfest!

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