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Lori Leitgeb

Functional Programming Meetup adds Live Streaming!

At Stack Builders, one of our central goals is to lead the software industry toward better practices, tools, and ever more lofty standards.

During the last few years, we have organized a functional programming Meetup in Quito, Ecuador to collaborate with the local community by giving talks and sharing our experiences adopting functional programming for the customized applied applications we provide for our clients.

Now we are looking to share our Meetup with a larger audience by live streaming it! We’re hoping to reach those who are unable to join us at our office in Quito this April 26, 2017 and every last Wednesday of the month.

This is part of our continued effort to help the functional programming community grow and thrive, especially in Latin America, therefore the talk will be held in Spanish. Join us in person or get connected this Wednesday at 7:30pm (Central time) to check it out!

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