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Sebastián Pulido
Does your business need time management, but you haven't been able to find a tool to correctly handle it? scalendar is a solution which implements an algorithm to keep track of the availability of resources over a period of time measured in days.
Mark Karpov
The Hapistrano deployment tool has become more powerful

Juan Carlos Paucar
Maintaining CSS can be problem in large projects. Here are some notes to make the maintainance a breeze
Mark Karpov
Notes about use of concurrent Haskell that made our production code almost 100 times faster.
Mark Karpov
We have released a new open source library for CSV parsing that provides good error-messages and plays nicely with Cassava.
Eric C. Jones
Encoding web application specifications using Haskell and ATS

Juan Pedro Villa

Juan Pedro Villa
A tutorial on how to use QuickCheck's combinators to create simple generators of random values.

Juan Pedro Villa
An introduction to pure functional programming with Elm using an example of imperative programming.

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