Ranked #1 in Ecuador for the Great Place to Work for Women® Certification™!

We are proud of this recognition as it corroborates our continuous efforts in prioritizing gender equality in the software development industry.

I am happy to announce that last week, we won first place in the Great Place to Work for Women ranking in Ecuador. We are very proud to have this recognition as it celebrates work environments that promote an inclusive culture. At Stack Builders, we believe this is a testament to the steps we continue to take as a company to prioritize gender equality.

At Stack Builders, women make up 30% of our team in Ecuador and the executive positions in the different areas of the company are 63% female. In the GPTW survey, 100% of our female workforce answered “always true” for the statement “People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender.”


As our company grows we are working to create new spaces to openly discuss how to shape our policies and procedures in a way that allows us to continue promoting equal opportunities and growth for all. Our culture is built around a shared mentality of continuous improvement which comes from proactively thinking of ways we can help and support each other in order to continue to create an inclusive and healthy environment for our team.

I would like to take a moment to thank each and every team member for caring about these topics that truly matter to us, and for their commitment to diversity and inclusion. This award represents our united efforts and we certainly couldn’t have achieved it without all of you! I’m positive that the initiatives and discussions we are having today as a team will create an even greater positive impact in the industry in the years to come.

Let’s celebrate this accomplishment together!

Written by

General Manager

Cristina Sandoval

General Manager at Stack Builders