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Missed our first event in Madrid? We're back!

Join us for our second event in Madrid

One of our core company values and pillars of growth has always been our involvement with the community, and the human connections we can develop through software. This is why it was gratifying for us to host our first in-person event in Madrid, Spain a couple of months ago. We had the opportunity to share our experiences, hear from some talented software engineers, and more importantly, network and connect with other professionals.

Sounds like fun, right? Maybe you missed it, but don’t worry! We’re proud to host an upcoming event in June introducing a new lineup of speakers from both our international and Spanish teams. We will be sharing our experiences with software development and Agile methodologies with the community.

Join us in Madrid!

Our event will start out with a talk on MLOps by our infrastructure expert, Anton Chernov. He will explain how Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools have helped countless industries to improve the development of applications related to artificial intelligence. It will be a great learning opportunity for those looking to get their feet wet in the realm of AI!

David Mazarro, one of our team members in Madrid, will talk about functional programming, one of our favorite programming paradigms. He will share his experience working with Haskell, will elaborate on how to use a purely functional language, and how to apply some of this knowledge to improve your overall software development skills.

To top it off, our Senior Project Manager, Carlos Romero, will be giving a talk on Agile methodologies and how to apply them to real-life projects. We will explore some of their core concepts and check how to leverage them to build high-performance and productive teams.

This is a free event, which will include food, drinks, and some swag for all attendees. Don’t hesitate to invite your friends and colleagues. The more the merrier! Details for the event can be found below:

When? June 23rd, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Where? DCollab in Tribunal, Madrid (map link)

Register here!

We hope to see you there to share, connect, and network with other fellow tech enthusiasts!

Published on: Jun. 17, 2022

Written by:

Software Developer

Luis Fernando Alvarez

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