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Who we are

Stack Builders is an international software consultancy with offices in New York City and Ecuador. Our clients range from multinational enterprises to small start-ups. We collaborate with our clients to turn ideas into valuable applications, whether they are intended for mobile devices or the web. Our cohesive, international development team works directly with you to build applications that fit your timeline and budget, whether it be on-site or remote development work.

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Best Practices

Being on the same page regardless of your location is the best way to have the highest probability of success. We leverage web technologies to stay in close communication with all of our clients and keep projects organized and on track. Additionally we follow Scrum and Agile methodologies where we schedule daily stand ups and have regular iteration planning meetings.

By communicating effectively with clients, we keep projects on track and expectations clear.

  • Project transparency - working code within a week for clients to access, daily development meetings, regular demos, and short development cycles all minimize misunderstandings related to features, timelines, and cost.
  • Eastern Standard Time development - so you can easily interact with our entire team means you can see and adjust features as they shift in priority.
  • On-site option for local clients - we can integrate with your current development team in person, when needed, to keep projects moving forward. Otherwise, we leverage web technologies to stay in close communication with all of our clients and keep projects organized.

Being flexible is the ability to be responsive to change, something we are very good at. Regardless of the magnitude of your project, we are able to provide the correct size team for your company needs, budget and the project at hand. We give clients the necessary peace of mind that all code we write experiences an extensive peer review, has a low defect ratio and is super clean.

We offer flexibility so you get the right size team and can change features and priorities rapidly as your project evolves.

  • Agile methodologies - we have adapted agile methodologies to keep development focused and allow for shifting business priorities.
  • Short or long-term boost for your project - our developers can integrate directly with your development team.
  • Full support - we can handle your entire web project so that you can spend your time focusing on your business.

Most important in elimination of these problem areas is our focus on strategic processes which we put in place in order to make sure communication is clear and the project moves forward.

Following best practices in the industry we write clean code to deliver the best business value.

  • Stakeholder involvement - we work closely with clients every step of the way to translate business needs into development features.
  • Expert advisement - hones the architecture of your platform and your internal development processes to make the hours of development go further.
  • Technical checks - writing full test coverage for the code, using CI servers, pull requests, an established quality assurance process, and scheduled production deploys all contribute to a clean code base that can grow with your needs.
  • Teamwork - Our developers pair program, review peer code, encourage and challenge each other to grow professionally. We move between offices frequently and ground our business on professional development.


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Lori Leitgeb


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