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Who we are

Stack Builders is an international software consultancy with offices in New York City, Ecuador and Colombia. Our clients range from multinational enterprises to small start-ups. We collaborate with our clients to turn ideas into valuable applications, whether they are intended for mobile devices or the web. Our cohesive, international development team works directly with you to build applications that fit your timeline and budget, whether it be on-site or remote development work.

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We stay in close communication with all of our clients to keep projects organized and on-track.


Our project management is "agile" to ensure that our work best serves the priorities of your business.

Best Practices

The software we deliver is crafted with care so that it can be shaped to best serve your needs, now and in the future.


Photo of Lori LeitgebPhoto of Lori Leitgeb

Lori Leitgeb


Photo of Justin LeitgebPhoto of Justin Leitgeb

Justin Leitgeb


Photo of Adam Christopher TroederPhoto of Adam Christopher Troeder

Adam Christopher Troeder

VP, Business Development

Photo of Cristina SandovalPhoto of Cristina Sandoval

Cristina Sandoval

Project Manager

Photo of Evelyn TutilloPhoto of Evelyn Tutillo

Evelyn Tutillo

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Rodrigo GranizoPhoto of Rodrigo Granizo

Rodrigo Granizo

Recruitment Manager

Photo of Maria del Carmen PérezPhoto of Maria del Carmen Pérez

Maria del Carmen Pérez


Photo of Wojciech MachPhoto of Wojciech Mach

Wojciech Mach


Photo of Andrés TorresPhoto of Andrés Torres

Andrés Torres


Photo of Amadeus FolegoPhoto of Amadeus Folego

Amadeus Folego


Photo of Filipe CostaPhoto of Filipe Costa

Filipe Costa


Photo of Jivago AlvesPhoto of Jivago Alves

Jivago Alves


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Jose Añasco


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Matt Campbell


Photo of Pablo OchoaPhoto of Pablo Ochoa

Pablo Ochoa


Photo of Sebastián EstrellaPhoto of Sebastián Estrella

Sebastián Estrella