Stack Builders Partnership with Girl Stats

Learn about or pro bono work to support and provide opportunities for women across the world

Finding ways to uplift and support women is something I’ve pushed for throughout my career. At Stack Builders, where I’ve been working for the past 8 years, we feel strongly about gender equality and are constantly working to implement different initiatives to provide and support more opportunities for women — not just to work in our company, but to be a loud, strong voice in the software industry. In one of our most recent initiatives, we have partnered with Girl Stats, a research organization that develops tools, data analytics and insights that help to highlight the risks faced by girls and women in global supply chains.

Our pro bono work on the Girl Stats’ platform, done by one of our female developers helped to increase its scalability and traffic by modernizing their tech stack and updating the accessibility of their website. Partnering with Girl Stats has reinvigorated our belief that companies can bring about positive change in society, especially when we work together. We hope organizations will continue to find unique ways to collaborate on projects that further their visions of diversity and inclusion and help close the gender gap.

Our Stack Builders team has exceptionally talented women who are proud to support and mentor other women in both the company and the industry at large. Working in the software industry has led us to see the challenges in diversity and inclusion up close. We have created different spaces for women within our company to talk about some of the barriers we currently face and to think about ways to overcome them.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but I believe that each step we take toward closing the gender gap will have a positive ripple effect on women around the world. The tools and insights that Girl Stats provides can be a first step for companies to understand how they can improve their operations to positively impact women. If we are all mindful of the importance of being agents of change now, together we can create a society where women will have more opportunities in the near future.

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Cristina Sandoval

General Manager at Stack Builders