Our Contribution

Stack Builders' contribution for the Ecuadorian victims of the earthquake.

On April 16, at 18:58:37 ECT, a terrible earthquake hit the coast of Ecuador. This event left many broken families behind. The worst part of it is that many of those families —probably most of them— live in poverty.

The Ecuadorian people were so strongly hurt by this, that they started moving resources around in no time. Many Ecuadorian companies, including Stack Builders, made contributions to help the victims. As our team strongly believes in collaboration and helping others, we immediately agreed that this was the right thing to do. Our team members —including employees from our Ecuadorian office and remote contractors— donated a part of their pay. These contributions, combined with a full match from Stack Builders, allowed us to give a sizable amount as a company to the Ecuadorian branches of the Red Cross and UNICEF.

We are aware that money will not solve the many problems that come ahead for those families, but at least we will try to give some comfort through the help we can give. Our hearts are with all of those families.

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Written by

Katherine Guerrón