Announcing Stack Builders’ new logo

Welcome to the new look of Stack Builders! Our company is continually shifting and growing and we have updated our website and logo to reflect all the new directions we are heading in.

At Stack Builders we are always searching for the best languages, tools and practices that will deliver the highest quality software solutions to our clients. We have also been searching for the best logo to represent our brand, which already has a reputation for excellence. Over the last year we came together as a team to design and trademark our new logo and update our website. Not only do we love our new stylish hoodies, but we wear them with pride for the team and the work they represent.

Just as we have lots of new features in the pipeline for the new website that will be coming in the months ahead, we are just as full of new initiatives behind the scenes. There are new open source projects, a diverse set of languages and skills to offer, and new internal training programs, to add to our professional development opportunities that have been staples of our business.

Languages, tools, practices and even logos change, but one thing that this process has reinforced to our team is that at the core of Stack Builders is collaboration, vision, and a strong commitment to excellence. Welcome to our new site. We hope you love it as much as we do.


Written by

Lori Leitgeb

Stack Builders' CEO