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A collection of thoughts and notes by our team

Lori Leitgeb

Working Through COVID-19

We hope that you and your family are healthy during these uncertain times. Over the last months, we have all felt numerous impacts, large and small from the effects of this global pandemic.

We are fortunate at Stack Builders to have a relatively seamless transition when we moved our staff to remote, home-based work ahead of many lockdowns and have been working closely with our clients, as always, to adjust to their changing needs. Remote work has been a part of our culture since we founded Stack Builders over a decade ago and is a focused part of our approach to provide custom software for so many clients around the world.

Over the last seven weeks, we have been able to react quickly to shift teams and ramp up a number of new projects that are adapting to more virtual work, learning, and healthcare spaces. If you are looking to scale a project or pivot your online presence, we are here to help.

We continue to place the well-being of our staff as a priority. With a diverse staff, we are helping parents have the space to adapt with children at home and providing ways to support those who have family members relying on them to run essential errands or who are affected by lost employment. Others are living alone and we have created additional spaces for virtual socializing, gaming, and supporting staff outside of work hours. Because we value proactivity and a sense of ownership with new initiatives, these ideas and responses have come from every workgroup of our team and allow us to adapt quickly and empathetically to any crisis. I am proud to work with such a talented group whose strength lies in the care and attention to others, not just in the systems we build. Our proactive attention for many months to cross-training has afforded us much latitude to attend to our families and loved ones while being an increasingly strong partner for our clients.

We all are directing our attention to the community. We have been live broadcasting Quito Lambda, the monthly Functional Programming Meetup we sponsor, for over a year and are committed to growth and connection even during challenging times. We also continue to contribute to Open Source software, the building blocks that allow so many innovative solutions to emerge worldwide.

As we all work to adapt, we are reminded that focusing on the values of empathy and community enable us all to be the best versions of ourselves. We are inspired continually by the countless people around the world who demonstrate those values daily and look forward to the opportunities where we can continue to support one another in the future.

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