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Lori Leitgeb
Part of the power in a retrospective for software development is acknowledging what you are doing well while seeing where there is room for growth. We invested a good part of January as a team doing exactly that, figuring out ways to improve our processes, projects, team and company as a whole while building on what we already value and do every day. Here are some of the highlights of 2014 and where we are headed for 2015. It is looking bright, indeed.

Paul Blair
Establishing trust means moving from a culture of blame to one of problem-solving. Such a cultural change is supported by communication techniques that emphasize safety and mutual respect.

Paul Blair
Sometimes team members don’t trust each other. To start rebuilding trust, first have the team identify and acknowledge the ways in which lack of trust undermines their work.

Lori Leitgeb
As the holiday season hits full swing, lists can be a helpful way to keep track of all the moving pieces. But rather than seeing accomplishment, they can just grow and feel overwhelming. Use these tips to keep lists motivating you.

Juan Pedro Villa

Lori Leitgeb
Failure points will always exist, despite our best efforts to minimize them. By having clear answers to a few key questions, you can keep failure points in check and stay focused on project and team growth.

Filipe Costa
Null Object pattern can reduce you some code complexity and it’s pretty simple to use.

Justin Leitgeb
How strong is the developer community in Haskell? We compare the Meetup participation for the New York Haskell Meetup with other language communities.

Paul Blair
Abstractions like **UNKNOWN_CHAR** can sound vague and meaningless, but they identify something specific with practical consequences for development projects.

Wojtek Mach
Learn more about our recent experiment with self-merging Pull Requests while still maintaining high code quality.

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