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Justin Leitgeb
Improved syntax for currying in Ruby makes it more pleasant for functional programmers. We describe how currying has changed to make it less verbose to partially apply functions.
Eric C. Jones
PureScript allows for rapid JavaScript development, without the JavaScript. This post presents reasons why you should take a closer look at PureScript.
Jivago Alves
We’ve recently released valid_data, a gem to check if your data is valid according to your ActiveRecord validations. We modified this library in order to process the data in parallel, leading to drastic performance improvements. This post discusses the approach that we used, and presents benchmarks demonstrating the speed improvement.

Filipe Costa
Most of the people who work at Stack Builders work out of the office, but there are a few of us, like at many companies, that work out of a home office with trips here and there to the corporate offices. Learn from our experiences in working remotely!

Justin Leitgeb
Stack Builders’ Eric Jones will be conducting a free introductory workshop on Haskell this afternoon. Don’t miss it!

Justin Leitgeb
This article presents the fun and useful game of **UNKNOWN_CHAR** to evaluate the quality of your codebase.
Matt Campbell
We’ve released one of our first open-source Ruby gems: it’s called valid_data, and you can use it to scan your ActiveRecord models for invalid rows. We use the gem at Stack Builders from time-to-time in order to **UNKNOWN_CHAR** with our datastore and make sure we don’t have validation-related problems in our applications.

Emiliano Zilocchi
It sometimes seems that everyone on the Internet has a blog, and every blogger has their own blogging platform. This post presents the **UNKNOWN_CHAR** to create blog content.
Matt Campbell
Type systems are so prevalent in modern programming languages that we probably take them for granted. But what exactly is a **UNKNOWN_CHAR**, and what are its origins in the history of computational logic? In this post, we’ll take you on a 10-minute tour from Leibniz’s effective computability dilemma, through Russell’s theory of types and Church’s lambda calculus, all the way to Haskell, Stack Builders’ favorite strongly-type and functional programming language.

Lori Leitgeb
Stack Builders has been chosen as one of thirty leaders in technology in NYC as a finalist in the SmartCEO Voltage Awards. The awards ceremony will be held on April 30th.

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