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A collection of thoughts and notes by our team

Justin Leitgeb
Life is short, so we have to prioritize the things that we learn. This is my current list of interests in practical and theoretical areas related to programming.

Juan Pablo Santos
When in Rome, your functions should do as the Romans do. Automatically.
Sebastián Estrella
It’s easy to automatically manage SSH access to servers using your existing GitHub teams. This post shows you how.
Jacqueline Guamaní
Stack Builders presents on Haskell and Functional programming at the Catholic University (PUCE) in Quito.

Justin Leitgeb
Recently there has been much buzz around the concept of **UNKNOWN_CHAR** In this post, Stack Builders CTO Justin Leitgeb offers suggestions on how to assess the true costs involved with choosing a microservice-based architecture.

Juan Pablo Santos
Octohat 0.1.4: A small API demo, contributions from the community and a lower barrier of entry for contribution.

Juan Pablo Santos
Octohat is a new open-source wrapper for GitHub’s API, built by Stack Builders.

Juan Pedro Villa
"Obverse, or reverse, I can make nothing out of it." —Mohi

Lori Leitgeb
Part of the power in a retrospective for software development is acknowledging what you are doing well while seeing where there is room for growth. We invested a good part of January as a team doing exactly that, figuring out ways to improve our processes, projects, team and company as a whole while building on what we already value and do every day. Here are some of the highlights of 2014 and where we are headed for 2015. It is looking bright, indeed.

Paul Blair
Establishing trust means moving from a culture of blame to one of problem-solving. Such a cultural change is supported by communication techniques that emphasize safety and mutual respect.

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