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A collection of thoughts and notes by our team

Mark Karpov
We have released a new open source library for CSV parsing that provides good error-messages and plays nicely with Cassava.
Katherine Guerrón
Stack Builders’ contribution for the Ecuadorian victims of the earthquake.

Lori Leitgeb
Welcome to the new look of Stack Builders! Our company is continually shifting and growing and we have updated our website and logo to reflect all the new directions we are heading in.
Eric C. Jones
Encoding web application specifications using Haskell and ATS

Juan Pedro Villa

Juan Pedro Villa
A tutorial on how to use QuickCheck’s combinators to create simple generators of random values.

Juan Pedro Villa
An introduction to pure functional programming with Elm using an example of imperative programming.

Juan Pedro Villa
This is the story of Dr. Hakyll, who created a GitHub page with Hakyll and CircleCI in the name of science and all its wonders.
Eric C. Jones
Good clean fun with haskell-emacs

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