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Lori Leitgeb
Our commitment with the industry is to make it more diverse, inclusive and engaged
Cristina Sandoval
Learn about or pro bono work to support and provide opportunities for women across the world
The Agile Manifesto turns 20 years old. Let’s explore some of its benefits briefly
Carlos Villavicencio
Learn how to apply best practices and tools that can make your Shopify theme development robust and maintainable.
Leverage Elixir’s core features in order to prevent unexpected errors at runtime.
Read what Deno brings to the TypeScript Ecosystem and its advantages
Fernanda Andrade
We are very proud to announce that Stack Builders will be part of this year’s Hacktoberfest, a month-long virtual festival to celebrate and promote open source.
Hector Garcia
Dive into our remote work culture, and the experiences we’ve gathered while implementing it effectively.

Luis Fernando Alvarez
Your sockets are not safe, and you should be worried about them

Lori Leitgeb
We are happy to be one of the sponsors for the upcoming Haskell Love virtual conference.

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