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Lori Leitgeb
Stack Builders has arrived in Quito, Ecuador! Come visit us just off the east side of Parque Carolina. We’re looking to add ambitious & enthusiastic full-time devs to our growing team - see our website at for more information.
At Stack Builders, we believe in open-source software and giving back to our communities. Check out some of the OSS projects we’re working on, and learn how you can get involved in your community as well.
As a distributed, international team, we have a lot of best practices in place which we follow to make sure the applications we build deliver the best business value - and TDD is an extremely important tool that we use at Stack Builders.
Stack Builder Sebastián Sogamoso had the great opportunity to participate in the framework challenge organized by BogoDev, the biggest dev community in Bogotá, Colombia. The Colombian government tasked the event with figuring out a way to monitor all the space bodies inside the solar system - read more to hear about the solution implemented by his team and others!

Lori Leitgeb
Stack Builders is proud to be sponsoring two upcoming events in Ecuador during the month of April 2013. Be sure to register for our hackathon in Quito on April 27th!

Justin Leitgeb
If you’re programming in Ruby and didn’t know that it has regular expressions that are multi-line by default, chances are you’ve written unsafe code.

Justin Leitgeb
As developers, we agree that we want to spend our time developing features that deliver value to our projects

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