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Sebastián Estrella
It is amazing to see how kids can have fun and at the same time improve their logical thinking skills by programming. In this post I’m going to talk about my experience teaching kids to program using the necessary tools so that they can become logical thinkers!
Matt Campbell
SB is proud to present Quito’s first-ever functional programming hackathon. The language-du-jour will be the advanced, purely-functional Haskell programming language. We will have 2 groups - a coding dojo for beginners, and an open-source collaboration for experienced Haskell coders - so bring your laptop & some friends and be prepared to have your mind expanded!

Justin Leitgeb
At Stack Builders, we’d like to see Haskell be the language that powers the next generation of dynamic web apps. We open-sourced a library that we wrote for string inflections to help move the language in this direction.

Justin Leitgeb
For the last several years Ruby has been the startup and enterprise go-to language for web application development. Why would we want to switch, and is Haskell a good choice for the language to power the next generation of web applications?
Matt Campbell
Contributing to open-source software is an important part of working at Stack Builders. Recently, 2 junior developers at SB made contributions to a very well-maintained discussion platform called Discourse. Here’s their story, and what our company learned along the way.

Rodrigo Granizo
Nuestro CTO Justin Leitgeb y su grupo de desarrolladores abordarán Ruby y la programación funcional desde sus principios hasta sus conceptos más avanzados. Hablaremos también acerca de las buenas prácticas aplicables en sistemas de gran escala; el aprendizaje automático y el rol fundamental del diseño dentro de desarrollo de software.

Lori Leitgeb
The Year-In-Review from all of us at Stack Builders. 2013 was an incredible year - check out some of the things we did - but 2014 is going to be even more exciting. Happy New Year!

Lori Leitgeb
Stack Builders is conducting training in Ecuador Spring 2014! If you’re ready for an adventure, and ready to take your dev skills to the next level to understand the fundamentals of software design, please contact us at
As a distributed, international team, we have a lot of best practices in place which we follow to make sure the applications we build deliver the best business value - and TDD is an extremely important tool that we use at Stack Builders.
Stack Builder Sebastián Sogamoso had the great opportunity to participate in the framework challenge organized by BogoDev, the biggest dev community in Bogotá, Colombia. The Colombian government tasked the event with figuring out a way to monitor all the space bodies inside the solar system - read more to hear about the solution implemented by his team and others!

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