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Learn some common functional programming concepts applied to Java

Luis Fernando Alvarez
Let’s explore some common legacy JavaScript patterns and try to leverage functional programming concepts to improve the way we write our code.
Announcing the release for this React Native library, that helps mobile users get onboarded to an application
In this infographic, let’s explore map and foldl, two powerful functions that will help you write elegant and functional code.
Carlos Villavicencio
Learn how to apply best practices and tools that can make your Shopify theme development robust and maintainable.
Aprovecha las características principales de Elixir para evitar errores en tiempo de ejecución.
Read what Deno brings to the TypeScript Ecosystem and its advantages

Luis Fernando Alvarez
Tus sockets no son seguros y deberías estar preocupado por ellos.
Diego Balseiro
Learn how to use your Haskell types in your Reason (OCaml) frontend (almost) for free. You will also get automatic code generation of JSON serialization functions with their respective golden files, and code for your serialization tests.
Javier Casas
At Stack Builders, we have some insights about using types and tests for developing systems.

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