How to: A Stack Builders Interview Guide

Succeed in your next interview with this How-To!

Published: Jun. 9, 2021

Last updated: Sep. 19, 2023

At Stack Builders, we have a culture centered around continuous improvement. It is an ongoing effort company-wide to build upon our strengths and become better versions of ourselves. Specifically in the hiring and recruiting team, we are constantly looking for ways to continue to create an effective, yet enjoyable, hiring experience for all of our candidates.

We have the pleasure to meet many talented people from different cultures, countries, and backgrounds during our interview process. From Europe to Asia and back to South America, every interaction has helped us gain additional insights that allow us to craft an engaging experience for both the applicants and interviewers. We’ve created this How-To to share that knowledge with you and help you succeed in your next interview.

Effective communication, proactivity and teamwork are three key pieces that help strengthen the company culture at Stack Builders and, unsurprisingly so, are also aspects we evaluate in our interviews.


We’re not looking for perfection in candidates’ responses, but for clarity and candidness. Focus on what you’re transmitting rather than trying to give a perfect answer. Remember that more words do not mean more value

According to the Harvard Business Review, English is now the global language of business. At Stack Builders, we use English to communicate every day. Most candidates speak English better than they think! Be confident, and speak slowly if needed


Our goal isn't to find expert candidates who know the answer to everything. However, we do look for people who are open-minded and motivated to learn and grow with us. Share what you've been learning lately

The ability to think strategically and pragmatically is key in creating reliable and robust software. Being able to look back and learn from previous experiences and failures is also valuable. Don’t only share your achievements, but also lessons learned


Emphasizing the value of teamwork and creating a "no blame" culture has helped us to create an open and collaborative workspace for all. When we win, it is everyone's achievement; when we lose, it's everyone's opportunity to grow, learn, and work together to find new solutions. Tell us about your experience working and growing with a team

Our client and team relationships are based on trust and integrity. To be able to do our best work as individuals, we need to be able to count on each other as a team. Be open and transparent when talking about your work history

As recruiters, we’re not here to judge you or your experience, but to get to know you and understand where you’re coming from. The purpose of an interview isn’t just for you to show the value you can add to a team, but also for you to decide if you are excited to work with the team that you meet.

Hiring talented people who are aligned with our values has allowed us to form the dedicated, passionate team we have at Stack Builders today. Remember to listen well to the questions being asked, take time to respond if needed, share specific scenarios to highlight your abilities, give credit to others when necessary, and be yourself. Hopefully these tips will be helpful in creating a great experience in your next interview.

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